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Human beings are hugely complex individuals! Life often means we also face complex issues and challenges which may be difficult to navigate by ourselves at times.

People come to counselling from many different starting points - some have problems that feel like a big tangled ball of string. Others maybe have gnawing feeling that something holding them back from thriving and happiness.

Wherever you're starting from, I will meet you where you're at. Together we can explore these intricacies you're facing to heal the past and open up the future.

My approach to counselling is flexible and person-centred. This means we will co-create a therapeutic experience that is unique to you and your individual needs - it may include a blend of trauma-informed, narrative, strength-based, somatic / mind-body and existential based styles. I also draw upon my background as a psychologist (UK) and yoga practitioner. 

I particularly focus on navigating the natural complexities of being human, seeking to untangle the challenges life throws at us and building your resiliency for future experiences. Ultimately, I support my clients gain clarity and insight into their present situation; healing for their past hurts; and personal growth to enable a sense of thriving and satisfaction in their lives.

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“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”


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